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Afp-Feed: France-Liban-président-diplomatie-défen - 23.09.2017 Afp-Feed: Iran-armament-missile,WRAP - 23.09.2017 Afp-Feed: Iran-armament-missile,lead - 23.09.2017 Afp-Feed: Iran-armament-missile - 23.09.2017 Afp-Feed: Germany-plane-Brazil-militants-RAF,FOCU - 23.09.2017 Afp-Feed: transport-histoire-Allemagne-Brésil-att - 23.09.2017 Afp-Feed: Weather-hurricane-Caribbean-StMartin-av - 22.09.2017 Afp-Feed: Russia-defence-WWII-offbeat - 22.09.2017 Afp-Feed: CôteIvoire-France-armée-jihadistes - 22.09.2017 Afp-Feed: UN-assembly-CAfrica-arms - 22.09.2017 Afp-Feed: Nigeria-Turkey-arms-smuggling - 22.09.2017 Afp-Feed: Iran-armament-missile-Rouhani,WRAP-upda - 22.09.2017 Afp-Feed: Syria-conflict-Israel-airport,lead - 22.09.2017 Afp-Feed: SEAsia-aviation-Singapore - 22.09.2017 Afp-Feed: Syria-conflict-Israel-airport - 22.09.2017 Afp-Feed: Iran-politique-armement-USA,PREV - 22.09.2017 Afp-Feed: Iran-armament-missile-Rouhani,WRAP-upda - 22.09.2017 Afp-Feed: Iran-armament-missile-Rouhani,WRAP - 22.09.2017 Afp-Feed: Iran-politique-armement-USA,LEAD - 22.09.2017 Afp-Feed: Iran-armament-missile-Rouhani - 22.09.2017
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NATO-US-politics-protest Anti-Trump protesters to descend on NATO summit Brussels, May 19, 2017 (AFP) - About 10,000 people are expected to protest against US President Donald Trump in Belgium's capital next week when he arrives for a NATO summit, police said Friday. The student-led protest, dubbed "Trump not welcome," will take place on the afternoon of May 24, Brussels police spokesman Ilse Van de Keere told AFP. A second protest in front of NATO's offices is planned for the next day, when the summit opens. Trump is due to meet EU and NATO leaders on what is his first foreign trip since taking office in January. Students from Brussels and the northwest city of Gand called for the anti-Trump demonstration and timed it to start shortly after the US president lands on Belgian soil. International organisations such as Oxfam and Amnesty International, and local unions and leftist political parties have indicated they will also join the demonstrations. This will be a "peaceful" protest, said Jerome Peraya of Brussels group Agir pour la paix. However, police said they fear disruptions from a certain group of "hard core" protesters from Germany, according to a report in La Derniere Heure newspaper. str/su/adm

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