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Afp-Feed: NKorea-military-nuclear-missile,WRAP - 22.05.2017 Afp-Feed: NKorea-military-nuclear-missile-UN-dipl - 22.05.2017 Afp-Feed: NKorea-military-nuclear-missile-UN-dipl - 22.05.2017 Afp-Feed: CôteIvoire-armée-mutinerie-troubles-2EL - 22.05.2017 Afp-Feed: Malaysia-accident-sea-military-transpor - 22.05.2017 Afp-Feed: Tunisia-protest-social-army,WRAP - 22.05.2017 Afp-Feed: NKorea-military-nuclear-missile-UN,2ndl - 22.05.2017 Afp-Feed: US-diplomacy-Trump-NATO-EU-Melania - 22.05.2017 Afp-Feed: NKorea-military-nuclear-missile-UN,lead - 22.05.2017 Afp-Feed: ONU-CoréeNord-sanctions-missiles,LEAD - 22.05.2017 Afp-Feed: ONU-CoréeNord-sanctions-missiles - 22.05.2017 Afp-Feed: NKorea-military-nuclear-missile-UN - 22.05.2017 Afp-Feed: Belgique-Otan-diplomatie-royauté-musée- - 22.05.2017 Afp-Feed: ICoast-unrest-army,lead - 22.05.2017 Afp-Feed: Turkey-Russia-politics-economy-trade,le - 22.05.2017 Afp-Feed: Tunisia-protest-social-army,2ndlead - 22.05.2017 Afp-Feed: CôteIvoire-armée-mutinerie-troubles,LEA - 22.05.2017 Afp-Feed: ICoast-unrest-army - 22.05.2017 Afp-Feed: ICoast-unrest-army,update - 22.05.2017 Afp-Feed: Tunisia-protest-social-army,lead - 22.05.2017
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19.04.2017 19:50


UAE-US-aviation-security-Emirates,lead Emirates cuts flights to US as demand weakens ATTENTION - ADDS Etihad statement /// Dubai, April 19, 2017 (AFP) - Emirates, the Middle East's largest airline, said Wednesday that it will reduce flights to the United States after tightened visa and security measures under President Donald Trump hit demand. The Dubai-based airline said that it would cut services to five US cities -- Los Angeles, Boston, Orlando, Seattle and Fort Lauderdale -- starting from next month. "This is a commercial decision in response to weakened travel demand to US," a spokesperson for the carrier said in a statement. "The recent actions taken by the US government relating to the issuance of entry visas, heightened security vetting, and restrictions on electronic devices in aircraft cabins, have had a direct impact on consumer interest and demand for air travel into the US," it added. Travellers have expressed frustration at a carry-on ban on large electronic devices that took effect last month on US-bound flights mostly from the Middle East and North Africa. It followed an attempt by Trump to impose a travel ban on refugees and on travellers from six Muslim-majority nations. Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways in a statement published Wednesday by the official WAM news agency said demand for its 45 flights a week to the US "remains strong". tm/dr/pg

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